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MyCookbook Cooking Timer

The brand new MyCookbook Cooking Timer is here! This handy timer runs on virtually any Windows computer platform and makes it easy for you to keep time on everything you've got cooking.

mycookbook cooking timer graphic

The benefits of the MyCookbook Cooking Timer:
  • Easy-to-use intuitive interface - simply set the hours/minutes/seconds and click start!
  • Able to keep track of time all the way from 1 second to over 100 hours
  • Extremely accurate timing over long periods of time
  • Label feature allows you to keep track of exactly what you are timing by typing in your own label text
  • Ability to run multiple timers at once to track everything you have cooking
  • Notification in both audio and text when the time is up
  • Need support? Our staff lives online and is here to help.
  • Inexpensive solution that will last as long as you have a computer
  • The timer software is FREE ($10 value) when you sign-up for the MyCookbook Level 3Advanced Membership
  • Advanced members can even access the cooking timer online so you can keep time virtually anywhere in the world
  • Better than any egg timer, oven timer, or other kitchen timer you have used
  • Can be used to time almost anything - not just food or cooking

Purchase the MyCookbook Cooking Timer instantly for just $10!

Here is an example of running multiple timers on your desktop:

mycookbook cooking timer2 graphic

You can run as many timers as you'd like at one time!

If you are already an advanced member and you would like to receive access to the software, please e-mail us with your username and request.
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