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Best Parmesan Alfredo

MyCookbook Recipe Database
MyCookbook Member: pairey
Recipe Category: Pasta
Recipe Preparation Level: easy
    This orgasmic Parmesean Alfredo will have your friends gasping at the table . . . which could
    lead to some interesting dinner conversation.

    You need:

    a box of pasta, whatever shape you want.
    an egg
    around a half a cup of cream (or milk, or a quarter cup white wine and a quarter cup cream
    is good, too)
    a nice chunk of parmesean cheese. Please! Don't even think of making this with that
    pulverized cardboard in a can that masquerades as parmesean cheese. Tell someone else
    to bring the wine and bread and splurge on a hunk of the real stuff. You will thank me.

    1.Fill a big pot with water and some salt and set it to boilin'. You want it hot, hot, hot.
    2.Fill a big bowl with hot water from the tap to warm it up.
    3.Start grating.
    4.The water is boiling so put the pasta in.
    5.Keep grating. You'll need at least three times as much cheese as cream. The more cheese
    the thicker the sauce. If your elbows get tired, hand the hunk and grater to a good looking
    friend (i.e. hand the hunk to a hunk), just don't skimp on the cheese!
    6.Just before the pasta is done, empty all the water out of the bowl and crack the egg into it.
    (Let me be up front. You're not going to cook the egg. The FDA would probably have a
    hissy fit about that, but according to me, the heat from the bowl and from the just boiled
    pasta will be good enough. Hey, I've yet to kill anybody with this dish, and if you're still
    complaining, you better wipe that raw cookie dough off your mouth, too.)
    7.Pour in the cream and the grated cheese and stir.
    8.Grind some fresh pepper in there.
    9.Be creative. Add some sun-dried tomatoes, some sauteed chicken breast, some basil
    leaves, whatever you think will taste good.
    10.Drain the pasta.
    11.Pour the pasta into the bowl with the sauce and toss well.
    12.EAT and most of all ENJOY!

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