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Tom Yum Koong Soup

MyCookbook Recipe Database
MyCookbook Member: Jan Last
Recipe Category: Soup
Recipe Preparation Level: difficult
    1) 250 g medium size shrimp
    12 button mushroom, cut in half
    12 canned straw mushrooms
    2) 4 C. or more stock (Best use the shrimp heads and the shells to make
    the stock. Add the heads in water, then cook for 20 min. Turn the fire
    off. Soak the heads in water for further 20 min before using the stock.)
    2 lemon grass (Trim off the hard skin. And cut into match stick size.)
    4 slice each: kaffir lime leaves and galangal
    4 - 6 chili padi (bird's eye chili)
    3) 1 T. fish sauce
    juice of 1 lime (or more depends of the size and your own tastes)
    1 t. each: palm sugar (or regular white sugar), chili paste with soy bean
    oil (This comes in small jars and can be found in most Asian shops.)
    1 T. Tom Yum Soup paste (optional, can also be found in most Asian shops.
    Alternatively, you can use the Thai Red Curry paste.)
    Garnishing: coriander leaves

    1. Cut the shrimp heads off and devein the shrimp. Reserve the shrimp
    heads for making stock (as shown above.)
    2. Add (2) & (3) in a pot and bring to the boil. After boiling for 5 min,
    add shrimps and both mushrooms. Cook for further 10 min. Then garnish
    with coriander leaves.

    Serve with Pineapple Fried Rice.

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