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Cooked Sweet Condensed Milk

MyCookbook Recipe Database
MyCookbook Member: pairey
Recipe Category: Dessert
Recipe Preparation Level: easy
    Cooked Sweet Condensed Milk (Sgushenka in Russian)

    All you need is a tin of the sweet condensed milk (usually it is
    ab.400gr and it must be the tin as any other packing will do no good),
    a pot (1,5-2l will be okay) and water.

    Put the tin in the pot and pour water that it will cover the tin
    completely and even better have extra 2-3 cm over it. Turn the heat
    on and then wait 1 - 2,5 hours while the tin will be cooking in the
    boiling water. The milk inside the tin will transform to creamy
    substance (1-1,5 hours of cooking) or brown caramel substance (2,5
    hours of cooking). Depending of your preferences you can vary the
    time of cooking from 1 till 2,5 hours but not less or more as the milk
    will be under- or over-done.

    Always allow the tin to cool down completely before you'll open it
    with the tin opener as the creamy milk inside is very hot. The cooled
    dessert can be used in many ways: spread it on your bread or toast,
    fill your cake with it or make delicious little cookies with it, or
    simply eat it with spoon at your tea or coffee time. Anyway, you'll
    be surprised how soon you'll see a bottom, so my advice -cook two tins
    instead of one, especially if you have kids at home (they can eat it
    simply by itself).

    ATTENTION: While cooking do not forget to check periodically the level
    of water in the pot as it will be boiling out. The tin must be always
    covered with water!

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