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Classic Egg Noodles

MyCookbook Recipe Database
MyCookbook Member: purl
Recipe Category: Appetizer
Recipe Preparation Level: easy
    Basic Egg Pasta (about 1 lb)

    2 2/3 cups all-purpose flour
    1 tsp salt
    2 lg eggs
    2 tsp olive oil
    2 tsp water

    The classic way to mix the dough is to put the flour on the counter,
    make a well in the center for the egg and liquid(s), then gently
    mix in the flour and knead it until it forms a smooth, pliable
    ball. A much easier way is to do this step in a food processor.
    It can also be mixed in a bread machine. Now, comes the making of
    the noodles. You can take a rolling pin and a piece of the dough
    and roll it out to the desired thinness. Then cut with a pastry
    cutter or roll loosely and cut with a knife to the desired width.

    If you have an Atlas-style pasta machine, you need only process or
    knead the dough until it forms a nice ball, as the kneading is
    completed by rolling the dough through the machine.

    To use an Atlas, divide dough into portion (at least 4). Select
    one piece and flatten it with your hand (cover the others with
    plastic wrap). Set the rollers on the machine at thier WIDEST
    setting. Run the dough through. Fold the dough over in thirds and
    run through again. Continue doing this until the dough is very
    smooth and somewhat elastic. (You may need to dust with flour during
    this process.) Then reduce the setting to the next smaller and run
    the dough through. Continue to rudure the setting until the dough
    is the desired thickness. Dust with flour and let dry for a few

    Run the sheet of dough though the cutter head for either wide or
    narrow noodles. Can be kept at room temperature for a couple of
    hours to dry slightly before using. For longer storage, wrap in
    plastic and refrigerate or freeze. Remember that (a) fresh pasta
    cooks faster than the dry store-bought and (b) the thinner the
    noodles are the faster they will cook. Iaf You make the narrow
    noodles from the thinnest setting, they can cook in as little as
    30 seconds after hitting the boiling water.

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