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MyCookbook Recipe Database
MyCookbook Member: valerie99
Recipe Category: Appetizer
Recipe Preparation Level: easy
    To make 24 artichoke blisses
    6 slices of ordinary white bread
    3/4 cup of parmesan cheese
    3/4 cup of REAL Hellmans Mayo
    1 and 1/2 little jars of marinated artichoke hearts butter
    Take the bread slices and cut off crusts
    Cut into four even squares
    put a small smear of butter on the bottom of the bread square.
    place bottom side down into tassie cup and press down with finger in the center (tassie cups are those miniature muffin pans that you make pecan tassies with!)
    Bake at about 325 for just a few min. until light brown. (keep checking!)
    Now..... you can freeze these in a zip lock bag until ready to use. Or use right away.
    Take the artichoke hearts and cut to fit the bottom of the toastettes. Fill all of them.
    Next, mix the parmesan & Hellmans (it has to be Hellmans or it won't work!)
    Take a dollop of the mixture & place on top of the artichoke.
    Place them on a cookie sheet & bake at 350 on the top rake. Bake for 7 to 10 min. Keep checking them! When they are brown on the top they are done. Let cool for 5 to ten minutes and serve. They are soooooo yummy. And impressive! After you make them once, they are really easy to make, especially if you make the toasttets a head of time!

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