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Frequently Asked Questions

Why MyCookbook?

Ahhh... the big question! Sure, you can use the desktop software that's available, or keep your carefully organized recipe box on hand as well - but can you take them with you? Maybe... but with MyCookbook, the biggest benefit is having your recipes available to you from anywhere around the world at any time of day.

The benefits of MyCookbook:
  • Easy-to-use search and categorizing tools.
  • Maintenance is a breeze using the powerful editing features.
  • Plan a weeks worth of meals in seconds with the Meal Planner.
  • E-mail recipes to friends with the push of a button and share recipes with other MyCookbook members with ease.
  • Access your cookbook from the office, a friend's house, your relative's, anywhere!
  • Need support? Our staff lives online and is here to help.
  • You might suggest an enhancement that shows up the next day, for everyone, with no downloading or installing! Try that with desktop software.
  • Now you can let MyCookbook worry about backing up your data.
  • If your computer can access the web, you can use MyCookbook. There's no more upgrading, software purchasing, etc. The latest features will be included in MyCookbook every time you log in!
  • Using WebTV? No problem! Even WebTV users can enjoy all the features of MyCookbook.
  • Full access to the MyCookbook Community including the food forum and public cookbook.
Can we stop now? You get the idea. MyCookbook is fun, fast, powerful, easy to use, widely accessible, and most importantly, basic membership is FREE!

Is MyCookbook really FREE?

For the basic membership, yes, MyCookbook is free. Basic membership includes everything you see listed above and storage of up to 5 recipes in your personal cookbook.

If you need to store more than 5 recipes, we do offer an
advanced membership for a small monthly fee. The advanced account lets you store up to 500 recipes in your personal cookbook. You'll also receive special discounts and free offers on select MyCookbook software and other products/services. If you'd like more information on the advanced membership, you can e-mail us at

Where is my personal cookbook?

Your personal cookbook is under the Members Area section on the left hand side of the screen. Just click My Recipes to search or display any recipes you've added. If you want to add a recipe to your personal cookbook, simply click the Add Recipe link under Members Area. You can then add a private recipe that no one else can see. From that same menu, you can search, edit, and meal plan using your private recipes.

If you want to search or add recipes to the public cookbook, click the Public Cookbook link under the Community section. You'll see the links for Add Recipe and Search Recipe underneath that link once you are in the Public Cookbook.

If you have recipe in your private cookbook that you want to share with the public, see the 'How do I share recipes' section below.

How do I share recipes?

One of the great features of MyCookbook is the ability to easily share recipes with others. This can be achieved a number of ways, depending on how you want to share.

First of all, to search your personal recipes, click My Recipes and search for the recipe(s). Then, once the search results are listed, just click on the recipe name you wish to share. From there, below the recipe, you'll see the options to Add to Public Cookbook, Send to a Member, or Send via E-mail. This same method works when searching the Public Cookbook.

To share your favorite recipes with the entire MyCookbook Community, just press Add to Public Cookbook. To send to another member directly and have it show up in their inBox, just type in their member name and press the Send to a Member button. And finally, to e-mail the listed recipe to someone, just type in their e-mail address and press the Send via E-mail button. That's all there is to it!

Note: when you add a recipe to your private cookbook, you'll have an option right then to add that recipe to the public cookbook, no re-typing!

What is the Recipe inBox?

The Recipe inBox is similar to an e-mail inbox or mail in-basket. The inBox allows you to receive recipes from other members easily without having to have them e-mailed, etc. A recipe in your inBox is not actually in your personal cookbook until you do one of the following steps. You can quickly add it to your personal cookbook, you can make changes (edit) to the recipe before adding it, or you can even delete the recipe without it ever making it to your personal cookbook.

Just like mentioned above on sharing recipes, you can quickly send recipes to other member's inBoxes as well.

What's even more exciting, we'll soon be partnering with other recipe related web sites where you'll be able to instantly send a recipe from their web site direct to your inBox. No more cutting and pasting, printing, e-mailing, etc.

Is the explanation/introduction text always there?

No. This is something MyCookbook does to help both guests and new accounts understand what's going on and help the member navigate MyCookbook. This text will go away once you are a member for more than 30 days.

What is this Meal Planner thing all about?

It's quite simple actually, as you search for recipes using the random, pick my own, or keyword search, you'll have the option to select recipes and add them to your meal planner.

Once you've added the recipes you want, you can view them in your meal planner for printing, reference, etc. And, if you don't clear your meal planner, the next time you log in, your meal planner will still be in tact with the recipes you chose the last time you logged in.

Why would I use the Meal Planner?

Plan a weeks worth of meals in seconds!

Here's a good example: You are searching through your recipes for meals to make for the entire week. By running a random list search and selecting 5 meals, MyCookbook will find 5 meals for you and allow you to select and add them to your Meal Planner. Then, you can view your meal planner, print it out, post it on the fridge, and there you have it - your week's meals are decided!

What is this Remember Me?

The Remember me option will remember you the next time you visit so you don't have to login again. Just click the checkbox the next time you enter your login information and that information will be saved on your computer. If you want to logout of the system, look for the Logout link on the left side of the page under member's area. This is useful if you have multiple accounts in the family, or you are at a public or work computer.

What if you shut down the site?

This is a very good concern and one we don't take lightly. Our policy on this is, should the site need to be permanently taken down or disabled for any reason, we will offer a copy of your cookbook database to you.

As soon as we foresee the chance of the service being discontinued, we will notify our members and ask if you'd like a copy of your personal database. This way, our members will have their own electronic copy of their database. This will either be handled through us, or as a link on the web site.

Of course, we don't enjoy thinking about that, but it is a concern to us and our members. Keep in mind, JADA Productions also offers many other commercial web-based services and has contracts with many clients, large and small. We are here to stay as long as the web survives and will look into whatever medium takes over from there!

MyCookbook was started back in 1998 and has continued to be successful over the years. Now quit worrying and have some fun!

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