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Soup's On
Carole Kotkin

One of my favorite Sunday suppers is a bowl of flavorful homemade soup, a chunk of bread, cheese, salad and a dessert. It's the end of the week and I can clean out my refrigerator and put all the good leftover vegetables into the soup. If there is any soup left over, the next day I can add more ingredients (things like a dash of wine, pasta, a bit of ham, or shellfish) to give it a new twist.

In an earlier time, a nourishing pot of soup was a daily ritual that brought the family together around the hearth where it was made. The aroma of soup cooking in the kitchen still evokes the spirit of the warmth of home. The first restaurant was opened by a Frenchman in 1765 who sold only soup in his establishment.

Soup has long been a staple at supper, so it comes as no surprise that the word supper stems from the word "sup" which was the bread placed in the bowl before broth was poured over it. Soup can vary from the simplicity of chicken broth to the complexity of a bouillabaisse; it can be made with meats, fish, fruits, or vegetables; and served hot or cold. The rich variety of chunky vegetables, herbs, and beans in our Potato, White Bean, and Red Pepper soup make a satisfying meal.

Smear slices of hearty Italian bread with a bit of olive oil and put the slices on a baking sheet in a low oven, leaving them until they become crisp, 5 to 10 minutes. Then rub the slices with a cut garlic clove and stand each one at the edge of the soup dish. The accompanying salad and chocolate pecan squares will have them running to the table when you tell them "soup's on".

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By Carole Kotkin, co-author of MMMMiami--Tempting Tropical Tastes for Home Cooks Everywhere

You can buy the book from our affiliate, Barnes and Noble, online!

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