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Cruise cuisine offers many options for home cooks and vacationers

Phyllis Steinberg

Phyllis Steinberg is a food and travel writer in Florida. Her food columns appear in several papers in South Florida, including the Sun-Sentinel, Coral Springs Forum, Boca Raton Times, Delray Times and Boynton Beach Times.

Cruise cuisine has no limits in the world of global cuisine. Not only do ships travel the world and serve all kinds of food from Jamaican and Japanese to healthy and dietetic, they offer vacationers a chance to learn new cooking and entertaining techniques.

In fact, the Holland America line, one of the biggest cruise lines in the world, has chefs on board from many nations, each contributing his own special talents to the cuisine that passengers enjoy on a daily basis on its many ships. Classes are offered by sous chefs in the art of vegetable carving. Wine stewards demonstrate how to taste and enjoy wines while other ship personnel demonstrate the art of napkin folding for special occasions.

I recently sailed on Holland America's MS Statedam to Alaska and enjoyed some of the most beautiful scenery in the world from Vancouver to Glacier Bay. And along with the spectacular scenery was a most delightful dining experience.

What I especially liked was the variety of food and the choice of healthy selections on each menu. For breakfast, I enjoyed egg white omelets and each evening there was a healthy choice on the menu for the entire meal from appetizer and entrée to dessert.

However, I noticed that most of the people on board the ship were not as health conscious as I was. So, for those people that like to eat decadent desserts and enjoy lavish midnight buffets, the ship's menu had plenty of options.

In fact, there was so much food on the ship that I asked the chef on board if he could tell me how much food was consumed on a 7-day cruise aboard Holland-America ships. And here are some of the quantities he orders every week for the ship; Beef, 3,234 pounds; Veal, 596 pork, 1,014; lamb, 578; poultry, 2,859; fish, 1,939 pounds and caviar, 8 kgm., eggs, 20,000 and cheese, 743 gallons, ice cream, 118 tubs and 1,500 gallons milk.

I also asked Chef Guenther Cussigh, Executive Chef of Hollander America Lines for some of his most popular menu items and desserts on the ship.

According to Cussigh, Holland America 's Chef Wolfgang Wasshausen's Bread Pudding recipe is the winner in the dessert category by passengers, but readers of don't have to travel the seven seas to enjoy it. It is included in this week's food column along with some other Holland America cruise cuisine favorite menu items.

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