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The Chattanoogan Chef creates healthy garlic dishes

Phyllis Steinberg

Phyllis Steinberg is a food and travel writer in Florida. Her food columns appear in several papers in South Florida including the Coral Springs Forum, Boynton Beach Times, Boca Raton Times, Eastsider, Jewish Journal, Sun-Sentinel Shalom Today, Delray Times and Wellington Forum.

Garlic has a strong reputation in the history of food and preventative medicine. The first written reference to it showed up about 5,000 years ago, in Sanskrit. Chinese scholars had good things to say about garlic as early as 3000 B.C. Modern medical research is investigating the curative claims made for garlic and has confirmed many of them.

A regular diet of garlic lowers blood cholesterol and hypertension, soothes asthma, and counteracts artherosclerosis. And in its spare time, garlic, raw and added to salads, or cooked and added to other foods, is the secret ingredient in many a tasty dish.

And Executive Chef Rick Schell, of the new Chattanoogan Hotel in Chattanooga, TN wants guests in the hotel to enjoy all of the benefits of this healthy food so he incorporates garlic in many of the restaurant's dishes.

The Chattanoogan is the newest hotel in the city and has a fabulous Sunday brunch if you visit Chattanooga. The Sunday brunch contains Tennessee favorite homecooked dishes plus a wide array of lunch, brunch and dessert items.

Enjoy these tasty and healthy garlic dishes from Chef Rick Schell of The Chattanoogan.

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