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Advertising & Sponsorship

Reach your target audience
MyCookbook was established in 1998. We have built a loyal member base of tens of thousands that continues to grow every day. Get the exposure your company and/or web site needs - advertise on MyCookbook today!

Advertising on MyCookbook is easy and inexpensive
We can use your existing ad banner as long as it's within the 468x60 size. An animated banner is recommended as long as it's under 15k in file size. These banners can link to your homepage, or simply display contact information.

Your ad banner statistics (views/clicks) can then be reported to you by going to your own login page to get the latest, up-to-the-second stats.

We offer several flexible plans that allow you to rotate ads within any or all of our most popular areas, allowing for maximum exposure. There are also exclusive sponsorship options available allowing your company to sponsor a certain area of the site. For example: "Search our public cookbook with over 12,400 recipes, sponsored by your company." Sponsorship includes a logo/banner linked back to your site, exclusive ownership of that area (no other banners), and even a note/paragraph about your site and/or product.

We also offer e-mail newsletter advertising & sponsorships that can included your logo, banner, and/or a link to your web site on one of our member newsletters. These newsletters get e-mailed out around holidays or special occasions and receive great response from an open and click-through standpoint. Members seem to look forward to our unobtrusive newsletters!

Partner Links
Our partner links section allows you to add your website URL and description for all our site visitors and users to enjoy. receives a large volume of site visits and usage per day. MyCookbook also has been around for many years and we're ranked very well in all the major search engines. Therefore, having a link from our highly qualified and ranked site to yours will boost your search engine (organic) rankings. You will also benefit from our ongoing Google adwords campaigns we are running daily. If you would like to be added as a partner link on for just $49 (for 3 months), please complete the following form and click the paypal subscribe button to enter your payment information:
Website URL
Website Description
Please allow up to 48 hours for your site and description to be evaluated and added to our site. reserves the right to refuse anyone as a partner link. If your link is rejected, you will receive a full refund.

Tell me more!
For more information,
send us an e-mail explaining your type of business and/or web site and what areas of the site you'd like to advertise on and/or sponsor. We will get back with you with more information, options, and a price estimate.

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